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  • Category : Mobile Development
  • Client : Mettle

mettle is life management application which allows the user to optimize the financial spending by logging the expenses and income and calculates the total savings to ease tracking of the user financial records, also Mettle offers the user to manage the user daily activities by creating a goal in many different life categories eg; Family goals which the user can create many activities under it eg; spend more time with the family, with that the user can set when he wants to spend time with his family and get alerted before the activity starts, mettle is a smart application in many ways, mettle can sync your activities to your preferred calendar and vice versa, mettle also can manage your tasks that are not under a specific goal, also it offers many ways to view your tasks and activities eg; in a calendar view, in a timeline view, and a week view. mettle also cares about your health by reminding you how much water you drunk daily to reach the appropriate daily water intake, even logs your height and weight to calculate your BMI and what is the best weight for your body height, and you can even log your medications to get reminded when the time comes to take it, and of course, you can log whether or not you have taken it or not. Finally, Mettle rewards the user by awarding them achievements towards the completion of certain activities in the application, and the user can share those achievements to tell the others of his story Our app is available on both Android and iOS, check them on the store!

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